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Jennifer Lopez first came on the scene as one of the sexy fly girls on “in Living Color”.  She definitely danced and dazzled her way into the minds of many men. We have been imagining Jennifer Lopez naked and sexy for almost 20 years now! This beautiful 41-year-old Mom has definitely had a great career from starring in movies to having hit records.  It’s nothing short of amazing what this Latina babe from Brooklyn has managed to accomplish.

One of my favorite movies with Jennifer Lopez is one of her earliest called “Anaconda”.  I’m not sure why I like it so much. Perhaps it is because Jennifer was still not famous and she seemed innocent in the movie.  She did a great job and she has gone on to be a powerful force to reckon with. Her movie “Enough” was another great example of her acting ability as she teaches her abusive husband a lesson and gives him a dose of his own medicine.  No matter what though, my mind keeps wandering back to Jennifer Lopez naked and showing off that big luscious booty!

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