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Jennifer Lopez Has It Going On!

She's the hottest and most powerful female celebrity out there right now, according to Forbes! Between her show Q'Viva with ex hubby Marc Anthony, her ridiculously high paid job as a judge on American Idol, her movie career with her new release 'What To Expect When Expecting', her music career, AND her hot young boyfriend Casper Smart on her arm, as well as ALLL her other profitable ventures... Jennifer Lopez is ruling the world!

It's nice to see ex's get along. Lopez and Anthony were seen holding hands at their recent performance in Vegas together, which is rare among any divorcees, especially ones that exist in Hollywood. The couple share twins Max and Emme, so it's a great thing to see this powerful woman getting along with her ex husband. They both seem to have moved on, so keep it up you two!

It pays to be on Jennifer's arm, she has recently pitched a show starring her boyfrined Casper Smart, which has been picked up by the Oxygen network. The show is said to focus primarily on their professional work relationship, so don't expect to see drama or kissy face action. Smart is a backup dancer for JLO, but if he manages to land this huge star he will never have to dance a day in his life ever again! All we can say is, we hope it works out better for Lopez than it did for Britney Spears! Kevin Federline re-do much?!?!

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Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape

jennifer lopez sex tape

Yet another celeb sex tape is creeping around, and this time it's JLO's! The buzz around this sex tape is crazy, apparantly the footage is of JLO and her ex husband Ojani Noa, shot by Ojani himself during their honeymoon way back in 1997. JLO and her team are doing everything they can to stop the release of this tape, no JLO no! We want to see that famous booty and those curves naked style! Ojani's current girlfriend is named Claudia Vasquez, and she claims she owns the tape. Jennifer Lopez most recently got a restraining order against Claudia and the judge ordered that the tape cannot be released without Jennifer's sign off. JLO tried blocking the release of the tape altogether,  but the judge ruled that she had no case against her ex and said the door was open for a sale (we're guessing Ojanis till needs JLO's sign off though.) Claudia says there is no proof that she is selling the sex tape, but also doesn't deny it! This obviously means she is trying to sell if, and we have no doubt that she would make millions off of it! But like every other sex tape out there, the celebrity shown has to give permission to have it released, but it looks like the judge may rule against her! She's a little classier than other celebs, but you never know! Wonder what her now hubby Marc Anthony thinks about this! Definitely not something he hasn't seen before... but it's not cool to watch your wife get down and dirty with another man. Hmm.. what do you guys think?? Will this JLO sex tape get released or not? Wonder what the tape shows her doing? Rumors say that it includes lots of spanking, and LOTS of booty! We would expect nothing less!

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Jennifer Lopez Nude Pics

Jennifer Lopez is a lovely woman who has many different sides to her personality. She is a talented actress, a gifted musician, and a devoted wife and mother.  She has had various relationships during the course of her career that have had a lot of media and paparazzi attention.  Jennifer Lopez was linked to celebrities such as P. Diddy and Ben Affleck.  Now she is married to music star Marc Anthony and has beautiful twins.

Her career in the movie business has definitely been a success.  Many people remember her convincing role in “Selena”.  This was a movie about the real life music star Selena who died and lived a very short and sweet young life.  Jennifer Lopez got a lot of critical acclaim and it really helped set her career in motion. Some of her other interesting movies have been “Out of Sight” and “The Cell”.  She has also recently made a comeback after having her twins to star in the movie “The Back Up Plan”.

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Jennifer Lopez Booty

jlo ass

Jennifer Lopez first came on the scene as one of the sexy fly girls on “in Living Color”.  She definitely danced and dazzled her way into the minds of many men. We have been imagining Jennifer Lopez naked and sexy for almost 20 years now! This beautiful 41-year-old Mom has definitely had a great career from starring in movies to having hit records.  It’s nothing short of amazing what this Latina babe from Brooklyn has managed to accomplish.

One of my favorite movies with Jennifer Lopez is one of her earliest called “Anaconda”.  I’m not sure why I like it so much. Perhaps it is because Jennifer was still not famous and she seemed innocent in the movie.  She did a great job and she has gone on to be a powerful force to reckon with. Her movie “Enough” was another great example of her acting ability as she teaches her abusive husband a lesson and gives him a dose of his own medicine.  No matter what though, my mind keeps wandering back to Jennifer Lopez naked and showing off that big luscious booty!

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Jennifer Lopez Naked

Who wouldn’t want to see the lovely Latina Jennifer Lopez naked? Leaked and sexy photos of the beautiful Latina will surely appear here as soon as we have our hands on them! It happens in Hollywood all of the time.  The sultry Jennifer Lopez or “J.Lo” has become famous for both her acting skills and her music skills. She has had top 10 hits such as “Ain’t That Funny”  and “Jenny from the Block”.  Also, she appeared as a dancing Fly Girl on the popular TV show “In Living Color” at the very beginning of her career.

She has certainly become an A-list star and a major success story.  This beautiful brunette has come a long way from her days in Brooklyn! Her drive to succeed is bar none and it has made her who she is today. Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful mom and wife now too, a great addition to any resume’.  To see Jennifer Lopez naked would be awesome.  Bring on that big Latina butt and boobs!

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